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What IS Marketing Automation?

A completely automated marketing system that runs on auto pilot, having the ability to collect leads, follow up with them, make a sales pitch, sell your product/service and then makes sure that your customer is happy.

Sounds like a dream, but it is definitely possible. Let’s take a quick look at some real case studies that Infusionsoft talks about on its website after taking advantage of marketing automation by Infusionsoft:

1. Optibike, a family business grew sales from $532K to $1.45m, increased leads by 83%, added 10 extra vacation days per year.

2. Photo-Graphics, another small business grew revenue 21% in the first year, increased leads from 200 to 19,576 and added 15 extra vacation days.

3. The Rocket Company, a small business grew revenue 832%, increased customers 9200%, tripled the number of vacation days.

4. Burleson Orthodontics, mid sized business grew revenue 180%, reduced acquisition cost by 56% and added 37 more vacation days.

These are real results from real people.

Infusionsoft Profile:

With Over 500 employees and 22000 customers, Infusionsoft has been on Inc. 500 list for 7 times. Founded by Clate Mask, an entrepreneur who wanted to provide an automated solution to small business owners, Infusionsoft now helps entrepreneurs from around the world. Goldman Sachs invested $54 million in 2013 showing their confident in this fast growing company.

 Overview of Infusionsoft – A Complete Marketing Software

When it comes to e-commerce, marketing automation and CRM there are very few software that can integrate all 3 features into one. Infusionsoft if a one of a kind business software and provides all these features for business owners of all type local business owners, internet marketers and even bigger size businesses. Personally what I love about infusionsoft is this:

The system allows tracking the behaviors of the subscriber list, target my marketing to them and automate my whole email marketing services.

With their added support to help business owners create a complete customer experience and manage the sales cycle, Infusionsoft even provides weekly mastermind calls and quarterly accelerated training and events to help business owners increase their business.

Trainings from how to attract more traffic, capturing leads, nurturing prospects, converting sales and getting referrals. Every now and then they will even feature some of the big Internet Marketing names that utilize this system so well Such as Rich Shcefren, Dan Kennedy’s team, Perry Marshall.

Automation & Email Marketing

All email marketing services out there have some form of an autoresponder feature; however Infusionsoft takes a level higher where you have the ability to actually automate the process. You set it up once and just let it go and it doesn’t matter how long you want the follow up sequence (equivalent of autoresponder) to go.

Set-up follow-up sequences and automate so that contacts are automatically added to other follow-up sequences based on their actions. Each follow up sequence has emails with automation links. When a contact clicks on an email, they are removed and added to the next sequence in line. At the end of the month if a contact hasn’t clicked they are added to a longer sequence for non-active people. After 90 days they are deleted from the system.

Ecommerce Setup

This feature will give you more multiple options when it comes to setting up your ecommerce site. It’s a easily manageable because every step of the way is set-up as a separate process. Infusionsoft E-commerce system is setup to take orders, autobill customers or membership dues, receive payments and their easy to setup follow-up sequences makes it easy to stay in communication with non-buyers and buyers.

Store Front and shopping cart

The Store Front functionality is where you can create your catalog with images, price and descriptions. This feature can be intergrated to the infusionsoft shopping cart.

Once a buyer selects the product they want they are directed to the shopping cart where they can pay for their order. This option gives you the ability to customize the look and feel so that it matches your website. Ability to sutomize infusion store from is a feature members requested so that the sales process looks like its on the same site. Most times when a buyer leaves the site they are more likely not to buy due to security reasons. If any product updates are made, the store from will automatically be updated.

The Shopping cart can also be customized with some options. It gives the buyer a summary of their order, sub total, tax and shipping(tax and shipping are features that can turned off). The shopping cart can also be setup through the Opportunity records where if you have a sales team that’s taking orders they can use this functionality to take orders. The Shopping Cart integrates with online payment processors. These companies handle the financial end of the transaction – validating the credit card, charging the order, and depositing the funds into your merchant bank account.


You can store all the information about your customers at one safe place. You can also import customer data from other popular applications. Start follow-up actions with a single click for any customer, schedule an appointment, and view sales and conversion reports. No lead is wasted in Infusionsoft CRM because you can easily find out at what stage of the sales funnel your customer is at so that you can easily use the automated features to convert the leads into paid customers.

Price (Infusionsoft Review):

The minimum plan for $199 a month includes 2500 contacts, 3 users and 12500 emails. The Plus plan is for $299 with 4 users, 5000 contacts and 25000 emails. There are higher plans also.

Compared with other e-commerce solutions like 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft costs more. However compared to all the features that come with Infusionsoft and their aggressive sales-oriented system, they are far ahead from their competitors. Infusionsoft is highly focused on making you become successful with your email marketing based on how they have designed their intelligent email marketing and automation system.

Infusionsoft makes it mandatory for you to purchase their $2000 Kick Start Package with all price plans. This package is designed to make sure that you are able to take full advantage of what Infusionsoft offers by having a few personal coaching sessions.

Here is what’s included in the Kick Start package:

  • One-on-one consulting and implementation help in the first 30 days
    • A custom implementation guide to follow for the next 60 days
    • Analysis of your business’s needs and challenges
    • Help implementing the features that will make the biggest impact
    • Data import and dashboard configuration assistance

Other than their Kick Start Package, you can also hire them to do more for you for additional charges including data transition i.e. importing your data, coming up with a marketing strategy, setting up shopping carts, affiliate management and anything else that you may need help with.


Infusionsoft does offer a lot of training videos and tutorials, however getting through to a technical support rep can sometimes take time. They are available on the phone or live chat. We are assuming that most of their calls are long. Hopefully it will have improved by the time we are done writing this Infusionsoft Review. You do get a dedicated and friendly account rep so that you can deal with one real person regarding your other problems like billing etc.

Infusionsoft Review – Conclusion:


  • Takes some time to learn how to use their system.
  • You must purchase a $2000 Kick Start package. The price can be steep for most internet marketers that are just starting out. But the price issue can be argued either way. Infusionsoft decided to add in a coaching component to their membership price so that users can get the most out of it. The system can get very complicated and there’s a lot to learn. The coaching cuts down on the learning curve and making mistakes, in addition to help you set up your marketing automation plan.


  • Highly effective Ecommerce, marketing, sales automation system and CRM
  • You can segment your lists automatically once your system is setup.
  • Overall, the system allows to setup your business the way you want, you just have to find solutions to make it work like you want to.
  • Support is phenomenal and with events for Infusionsoft users where you can learn what others are doing with their systems is always a great learning experience.

Infusionsoft is meant for serious small business owners who own an online business. Their software is powerful and sophisticated and in some cases complicated. They are constantly evolving.

They do need to work on providing better support and offer some free training modules for new customers. However, your account rep at Infusionsoft will help you with some basics and there are some free webinars available too. If you are looking for a long term E-commerce, CRM and Email Marketing solution and don’t mind spending at least $200 a month, then this is the right solution for you. However, if you are a beginner and are just interested in email marketing, you should look for another provider.

What is Infusionsoft Demo?

Infusionsoft demo is free and will quickly give you an overview of what Infusionsoft is capable of and how it can help you with your online business.
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