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GetResponse Review, reviewed by Al Gera on 2016-08-09T11:55:38+00:00 rating 4.3 out of 5

We wrote the GetResponse Review 2016 based on actually testing their email marketing software. This review is original and unbiased. If you don’t agree with this review or would like to express your views about it, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

GetResponse Rating 2016

GetResponse Rating 2016

GetResponse – Company Profile


GetResponse was launched in 1998 in Poland, with offices now in US, Canada, Malaysia and Russia. An innovative company and a leader in email marketing, GetResponse employs over 300 people, has an impressive customer base of over 350,000 worldwide in 182 countries and is offered in 20 languages. GetResponse has won several awards including 2016 Bronze Stevie Winner in two categories: Best New Software Product or Service of the Year – Web Services Solution, and Best New Software Product or Service of the Year – Lead Generation Solution. Visit GetResponse Website.

Features: 5 out of 5

GetResponse comes with numerous features that make it easier for the user to send fascinating newsletters and measure the success of email campaigns. Over 1000 free stock images (from can be inserted into the newsletters so that you can create unique looking newsletters.

GetResponse Inbox Preview

Inbox Preview feature lets you see how your email will display on mobile devices and email clients

You can instantly create beautiful web forms and even custom design them yourselves with an easy to use online tool. This is a unique feature that is only offered by GetResponse. Use lightbox or pop-ups with forms to maximize your chances of new user sign-ups on your website. Use forms on the go to easily collect leads on your mobile device while in a conference or a trade show etc. You can also create order forms, free download forms, feedback forms, event sign-up forms, free course sign-up forms and more.

Messages can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter to automatically tweet your campaigns or share them on Facebook so that you can reap the benefits of social media marketing without putting in additional efforts. You can also add social share buttons to each of your messages. There are many other useful features like landing page creation, QR code generator, Android and iPhone applications, online newsletter archives and video email marketing. Most of these features are included free of charge. Global view is a new feature that GR recently offered which lets you track your users locations and to find out who’s opening and clicking your emails and who’s sharing them.


You can easily add images to GetResponse Forms

To optimize your campaigns, GetResponse offers split testing, segmentation and several tracking reports. You can use online surveys to get higher subscriber engagement and make them feel that you value their opinions. Create a personal touch with your leads and customers using webinars.

“Inbox Preview” feature lets you see in advance how your message will appear to your recipients on mobile devices and desktop based email programs like Gmail and Outlook. The “Time Travel” features delivers the newsletters at the same hour to all the recipients regardless of what their time zone is. Use “custom fields” feature to personalize your newsletters and target specific readers.

Integration is available with over 100 online tools like Salesforce, Zencart, Google Contacts, Yahoo mail, Freshbooks, Paypal etc.

Responsive Email feature ensures that your email can be easily viewed on any mobile device. Autoresponders 2.0 is a versatile feature that lets you easily create and manage autoresponders based on subscriber behaviour.

Marketing automation (MA) is a new feature recently introduced by GR. More and more companies are using marketing automation to reap its benefits. Marketing automation (MA) offers an opportunity to the companies to personalize their offers related to the products/services that they sell. It offers various tools and strategies to convert your prospects into customers. Currently this feature is free with all plans while it is in beta.

We find this feature quite promising and easy to use compared to many other MA tools that charge a huge amount for this feature and are yet difficult to use. Make sure you are able to spend time consistently on MA in order to fine tune your compaigns and get the full benefit of using this feature.


Price: 5 out of 5

Pricing is reasonable and is at par with most of the other email marketing software providers. However, you get more value because most extras are included free of charge, for which some other competitors charge a fee, like 1GB online storage, surveys, online archives and stock images.

Price plans can be chosen out of four categories: Email, Pro, Max and Enterprise. Most people go for “Email” for core email marketing needs. If you plan to use several landing pages (an example of this is having a sign up form on a full page with stunning graphics), then Pro is a better option. Max and Enterprise categories offer Salesforce integration, custom domain and campaign consulting. Enterprise plans start from $799/month if you have 100,000+ subscribers and offer the benefit of dedicated IP address, account manager and some other valuable benefits.

Some other paid features include qualified leads, customized templates etc. and they can be purchased from within your GetResponse account.

If you pay for the whole year upfront, you get an 18% discount and 30% discount of you pay for 2 years in advance. Non-profits get 50% discount. GR offers a 30 days free trial to test drive them with no credit card requirements.


Deliverability : 2 out of 5

This score will give you an idea about whether your messages will make it to the inbox of your subscribers’ email addresses. The higher the score, the better are the chances. We have traced most of their IP addresses (about 84) and reviewed the ratings on third party websites.

The deliverability of GetResponse is average, based on checking the reputation of several of their IP addresses on a third party website. GetResponse needs improvement in this area. Their website claims 99% deliverability, however this is something that we don’t agree with unless proven by them. However, GetResponse far exceeds any other competitor in terms of offering features (most of them free). So we’ll still prefer GR over others. Keep a close watch on your reports and let them know if your emails are not making to the inbox of your subscribers. They’ll surely find a way to fix it. Be sure to read the conclusion of this review at the bottom of this page to get a better picture of what we think about it overall.

Here is an excerpt of their IP ratings from one of our reports:

GetResponse Deliverability

Ratings of some of GetResponse IP addresses (2016)


Newsletter Creation: 4 out of 5


Geteresponse offers a drag and drop editor to create emails. You have the option to use an HTML editor if you have designed your own newsletter, however you will find the drag and drop editor a lot more easier to use. Compared to the similar editors offered by their competitors, GR’s drag and drop email editor seems to be more sophisticated. We were actually quite impressed with it. You can insert custom images within a couple of clicks from 1GB of free online storage using your own images or free quality stock images. You can choose from simple looking or fancy newsletter templates. Adding or changing content is quite easy. GR also offers “image editor” feature that lets you edit the images in your newsletters which can add stunning visual effects. You can also add stickers, like discount labels, badges, signs etc.

Mobile Preview feature shows you how your newsletter will look like on a mobile device within the editor, so you can easily optimize your content for such devices.


Drag and Drop Email Editor by GetResponse

You can check the spam score using SpamAssassin’s integration, which tells in advance whether the content in your newsletter has any words that you should consider removing. One of the unique features offered by Getresponse is Inbox Preview, which allows you to see how your message will appear to your recipients that use popular email services like gmail, AOL, Outlook etc.

Creating a series of autoresponders is also as easy as creating newsletters and arranging a sequence of autoresponders takes only a couple of minutes for a campaign.

There is no inbuilt spell checker. You will need to depend on your web browser’s spell checker. If you select “Perfect Timing” feature, your newsletter will be delivered when your recipient is most likely to open and click. It uses historical data for each recipient to determine the perfect time to deliver your message. You can also use “Time Travel” to deliver your message at the same local time of the recipients. This can help increase the views of your message resulting in more ROI.

Using Dynamic Content, you can personalize your newsletters by delivering relevant and valuable content. For example, your newsletters can display specific offers only to female subscribers.

Ease of Use: 5 out of 5


Overall GetResponse has a fairly easy to use interface and features. Of course, it takes a couple of days to get familiar with it and you’ll have to watch/read a few tutorials. However, after a few days, you will find yourself quite at ease with using its interface.

Support: 5 out of 5


You can access a wealth of resources in the Support area including video tutorials (offered in six languages), text tutorials, online chat, email and phone support. They are quick to response and quite helpful.

Phone support is available 5 days a week (EST) during regular business hours. Live chat is available 24/7 i.e. anytime always. Email support replies back within maximum two business days or sooner based on the number of emails in their queue.

Overall Score (Good): 4.3 out of 5




  • Email editor does not offer an inbuilt spell checker.
  • Deliverability rates need improvement.


  • A lot of features are offered, most of them do not cost extra.
  • Inbox Preview lets you see in advance how your message will appear on many email programs and mobile devices.
  • Autoresponder feature is quite versatile offering easy to build campaigns that can be viewed in a calendar or list format.
  • Free stock images.
  • Integration with over 80 online applications and tools.
  • Responsive Email makes sure your emails can be viewed easily on any device – mobile or desktop.
  • Easy to use Marketing Automation feature.

GetResponse is very innovative, customer friendly, offers stunning templates, webforms and a stable interface that’s easy to use. They offer the maximum features among other email marketing software providers. Prices are low which makes them one of the best overall in the industry. Annual price plans get you the maximum discount. Enterprise customers get added benefits of dedicated IP addresses. We find GetResponse the most impressive of all email marketing software providers.

Our recent review of their deliverability score shows an average rating. This is the only area where GR needs to improve. This will not affect you if you have a huge subscriber base (more than 100,000 subscribers) because in that case you will get a dedicated IP address. However for majority of customers, this can be a matter of concern. Our opinion is that an average deliverability rating may only cause a minor impact to newsletter delivery. Email marketing providers have a number of people monitoring deliverability and they constantly work on improving them. If your email marketing needs are quite basic and you don’t need all the bells and whistles that are offered by GetResponse, then you may want to consider other alternatives.

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 April 2016: GetResponse rolls out Marketing Automation beta.


If you have used GetResponse or if you don’t agree with this GetResponse Review, please provide your comments below. Your views will help others who are considering buying GetResponse. Please note that if you click on a link and buy a product on this website, we may get paid incentives.

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  1. I’ve been using GetResponse for a very long time. Though AWeber is bit costly compared to GetResponse but having some of the advanced features compared to GetResponse.
    Currently, I’ve also been fall in love with ActiveCampaign, its make the marketing automation really awesome. Have you tried it?

  2. I’ve started using GetResponse recently and I especially like the marketing automation feature.

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