Feb 282011

Recent research in the industry has proven that people like to watch videos more than reading through text. Video Email Marketing is relatively new in this context, however it has shown good response. As per GetResponse, a leading email marketing software provider, videos in emails can get up to 96% higher click through rates.

What is Video Email Marketing?

It involves creating, uploading and sending videos in the email messages that you send to your list of subscribers. It provides an opportunity to the sender to interact “face-to-face” with their subscribers rather than getting them to read through lines of text. Videos give a personal touch to your messages and therefore they result in higher click through rates.

How Does Video Email Marketing Work?

To send a video message to your subscribers, you need to be subscribed to the service (like GetResponse) that can let you send videos in your messages. You can use services of sites like YouTube, create your own video using a good software, upload it and then share the link with your subscribers. However, this process is more time-consuming and your message with a link will not look very professional.

An email software provider that offers this feature will easily let you record, upload, store and share your videos with your subscribers. Once your video is stored online, attach it to your message and a screenshot of your video will be automatically inserted in your message, which can then be sent out to your list.

When people receive your message, they will see a screenshot of your video and if they click on it, a new window will open up and your video will start to play.

What Can You Use Video Messages For?

You can take advantage of video messages by recording product demonstrations, training videos, testimonials, special announcements, holiday greetings, event videos and branding presentations etc.

Email marketing should be a part of marketing strategy of every online business in order to gain more revenues. To view the complete list of features offered by top email marketing software providers, go here.

Feb 222011

GetResponse, the leading email marketing software provider has partnered up with Return Path, a deliverability leader in the bulk email industry.

Return Path has a strong reputation and offers services to monitor how well the emails are delivered into the inboxes of subscribers. With this partnership, GetResponse will be able to leverage on Return Path’s expertise and ensure that their customers are able to have higher deliverability rates. Return Path uses several tools and experts that can determine why emails are not delivered or not delivered directly into the inbox and can offer solutions to improve email deliverability.

A constant monitoring is required to ensure higher level of deliverability and with this partnership the customers of GetResponse are going to enjoy better results, without paying anything extra.