Jun 012010

If you do email marketing, you would know the importance of social media and most likely you are already using it to your advantage. However, the painful part of marketing is that it takes too much time managing all of the online applications.

You daily list of tasks most likely includes (in addition to actually running other aspects of your business):

  • Managing your email campaigns
  • Writing your email newsletters
  • Monitoring your email marketing software account
  • Monitoring your Twitter account and send tweets
  • Monitoring your Facebook and Myspace accounts
  • Monitoring your LinkedIn account

If you are a small business owner, so much workload is going to take the toll on your health and eventually on your business.

ConstantContact recently introduced NutshellMail—an online application that helps you monitor four major social media applications: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

You can sign up for free and can immediately associate your social media accounts with NutshellMail and it starts to send you any updates that you receive at your social media accounts. It will email you a summary of new messages. You can even decide at what time of the day you want to receive the emails.

The tool makes you life a little easier. And if you are still drowning in work, consider hiring a consultant to make you life more easier.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact


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