Oct 032013

Usage of smart phones is soaring upwards causing mobile traffic. With smart phones in hand we wish to send and view our e-mails with a mobile rather than using a desktop. The view of an e-mail template varies accordingly, be it on a tablet, mobile phone, laptop or a desktop. This job of making your e-mail template look good for the recipient who may be using any of the above devices is called responsive e-mail design.

Responsive Email Design Explained

Responsive email design is an extension for Responsive web-design, an approach considering the requirements of devices either displaying a website or an e-mail. The main focus of responsive e-mail design is to simplify your message to the recipient and hence making it easier to read and interact with the smaller mobile screens thereby creating better experiences for the subscribers. This method can actively adapt the layout and content of an email depending on the device being used by the client for best viewing experience and navigation.

Besides updating you with customer lifestyles, responsive web design also allows you to present your content at its best for better experience and better conversions.

Surveys on email client popularity say that, 41% of e-mail opens are on a mobile device.

Studies have found that smart phone users check their phones on an average of 150 times per day. Need I say more?

Benefits of Responsive Emails

  • It’s a way to achieve better user experience. With responsive email-design e-mail can be checked everywhere.
  • It enables the recipients to access any information at anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • With responsive design, e-mail templates load faster resulting in no Hang-ups.

Responsive Emails by Getresponse

Getresponse recently introduced responsive emails. What this means is that when you create an email using their email editor, it will automatically adjust its appearance when it is viewed on a mobile device for optimal viewing and reading. Read more about it here.

Here are some additional details of this feature:

  • Every e-mail created in get response will look better both on desktop and mobile.
  • With Get Response, you can forget coding and creating separate email versions for desktop and mobile.
  • No need to pay extra for mobile versions of your newsletters. With Get Response, people can build their own email design or use any pre designed email template with any number of columns and it will automatically turn into a single column on a smart phone (latest versions of Android or iOS systems) and provide you the same experience of a desktop without scrolling horizontally.
  • Turn on the real time mobile preview inside e-mail creator and add rows, columns and other elements and see them getting adjusted automatically to a mobile screen.

Don’t Forget to Test

Open your test mail on devices supporting responsive mail design (iOS Mail app, Windows Phone7.5, BlackberryOS7 etc.) to make sure that these mobile friendly changes look great before sending to your respondents.

Responsive e-mail design provides higher read rates along with better performance and click-through rates. With all these endless benefits, 2013 can definitely be called the year of Responsive Design.


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